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Very interesting book

This book has a flow to it that is so beautiful. As I read it I could hear her accent. I could see the buildings and the people. I could hear the sounds of the city and smell all the wonderful smells.

The book is a wonderful story on several levels. First it is an inspirational story of a girl born into circumstances more difficult than most of us could ever know. A dysfunctional family, a national economy in shambles and a nation in the darkest days of a losing war. Still what ever is placed in her way can not stop her. She not only survives, she flourishes. As each hardship is thrown at her she rises to it, and above it, and with all that has happened there is not one word of bitterness or self pity in this book.

On another level it is a love story, but not a warm and fuzzy one. It is a solid love that, like our heroine, takes the pressures of life and, instead of being weakened, grows stronger.

And still on another level it tells of life as a bar girl in Saigon, during the war. This is an important story since these girls were often dismissed as having no value. Now we find that, at least this one, had hopes, dreams, strengths and a spirit that would take her from the emptiness of the Saigon bars to a full and exciting life.

She once asked would her friends still be her friends when they had read the book. As I read it I gained more respect and admiration for her with each chapter. I feel like I know her. I feel like I have always known her.


Anh Linh School Anh Linh School is a free school for children who would not get to go to school if not for Anh Linh. You can sponsor a child through Bridges 2 Learning. Their site also has much information about the school and how you can make a difference in the life of a child.


Little Rose Shelter The Little Rose Shelter helps girls who have been exploited.


Christina Nobel Foundation site Christina Nobel Foundation helps children in Vietnam and Mongolia. A really good book about Christina Nobel is, Bridge Across My Sorrows, about her life and her calling to help children in Vietnam.


Lloyd Trimble's site Lloyds return to Vietnam, some beautiful photos and stories of the wonderful people he met there including a beautiful little girl who you will recognize from my site and my travels. You might say that Lloyd and I were introduced by Miss Nguyen Thi Chau.

Greg Stern's site Greg went to Vietnam to retrace the foot steps of his Father who served in Vietnam in 1969. He has many nice photos of his recent trip.

Dennis Mansker's site Some wonderful photos of TC Hill, Thu Duc, Saigon and other places

Allan Furtado's site Photos contributed by many from Newport, Long Binh, Camp Camelot and some other places

Pham Ngoc Tuyen's Site Pham Ngoc Tuyen is a very interesting friend who has a site which tells of the many things she does in Performing Music, Teaching Music and other services that she is involved in.

ATAV Army Transportation Association Vietnam

Embasy of Vietnam Embasy of Vietnam in the United States
CIA Vietnam United States Central Intelligence Agency Vietnam Fact Page. Information about Vietnam.