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USARV Long Binh 2003


Miss Hue and I have been pen pals for about 3 years. She is nice enough to help me find hotels and wonderful things in Vietnam. Miss Hue teaches Chemestry at the University and was asked to deliver a paper in Hanoi during the second week of my trip. She suggested I come up and see Sapa and Ha Long Bay. I like Saigon and was reluctlent to spend time in the north however I am so glad I went. Sapa and Ha Long Bay were so beautiful. Hanoi is more quiet and subdued than Saigon. I met many beautiful people there but the highlight of Hanoi was the children in the park.

Lien is the recptionist at the Lucky Eden Hotel in the old quarter of Hanoi. Her English is excelent and she was such a help in finding things and just a delightful person to talk to. Her name means Lotus Flower.
Hoa Lo Prison
The enterance to Hoa Lo Prison, known also as the Hanoi Hilton. As a clean quiet museum one can only imagine what suffering went on here for Americans and Vietnamese under the French.

Guillotine inside Hoa Lo Prison.

Model of Hoa Lo Prison inside the prison.
Governor Generals Mansion
This was the residence of the French Governor General during the days of French Indochine
Ho Chi Minh's House
Near the home of the French Governor General is this modest house that Ho Chi Minh lived in. It sits by a pond and has two rooms upstairs and an open area beneath which has a conference table that fills the space.

Ho Chi Minh's office upstairs.

Ho Chi Minh's Bedroom is also upstairs.
Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh
The mausoleum is a massive building however Uncle Ho was in the Soviet Union, or what is left of it getting his annual sprucing up so we could not see him.
Guards outside the Mausoleum.
Camera Shop
This is Ngoc Truyen who works at the camera shop at the top of Hoan Kiem Lake. He got my camera working by cleaning the contacts which mate with the lense.
Nguyen Thi Thu
This is Nguyen Thi Thu. She finished High School but there is no work in the countryside where she lives so she now lives in a boarding house and sells t-shirts and post cards on the streets of Hanoi.
Thap Rua,the Tortoise Tower, sits on an island in the South end of Hoan Kiem Lake.

This old fort stands in the center of a traffic circle in the old quarter of the city.